Jailed - Escape Room is a “Room Escape” type of game, transferred from a digital world to real life. Suddenly You will be trapped in a mysterious room where You will start a special mission. To free yourself You will have to make the most of your creativity, logic and cleverness. Your task will be to solve a set of riddles. But be aware, the clock is ticking. You have no longer than 60 minutes to escape.


Jailed is a remarkable entertainment for You and your friends or family. Instead of old, boring cinema take a trip to a world full of adventures.


Birthday or bachelor party ? Spend your special day in truly extraordinary way. Divide your team in groups and check who is really the sharpest one.


Jailed is a team building solution in a best, modern fashion. Our games will stimulate creativity and team work ability of your employees while having great fun.


Great memories and fun as a gift ? Why not. Get a voucher for one of our rooms surprise somebody close to you.

Dragons Return

The Dragons Age has long passed, the descendants of the Targaryen family no longer remember their past. Embark on a journey following their legend to revive the ancient power and return to the GAME OF THRONES. Room for 4-6 persons, playing time 60 minutes.


Ever wanted to feel like a CIA agent in a mission against dangerous terrorists ? Try it today. You have 60 minutes to finish the mission. Game intended for 3-6 persons. Book a date in our calendar.


Explore the mind of famous renaissance artist, scientist and humanist Leonardo da Vinci. Decipher the code carefully hidden in his works and free yourself from his laboratory. You have 60 minutes. Game intended for 1-3 persons. Great idea for a date . Book a date in our calendar.


It’s the place of meetings and chill out, where you can rest, share your emotions and chat with friends and us. Something sweet and coffee is also waiting for you there. Stay with us a bit longer.

The Return of the Dragons

Voucher The Return of the Dragons - Game intended for 3-5 persons /
/ 159 zł. / Booking
Voucher CIA SPECIAL MISSION - Game intended for 3-6 persons / / 129
zł. / Booking
Voucher THE DA VINCI CODE - Game intended for 1-2 /
/ 89 zł. / Booking

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16 00 / 17 00

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  • Don’t worry, you didn’t like our rooms at all ? we will return your money! 100% satisfaction warranty.
  • Something came up ? 2 days before the game you can cancel the booking without any cost.
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  • Coffee, tea and sweets are free 😉

To book a room in JAILED choose a date, then click BOOKING next to selected time slot. Credit card transactions and bank transfers are handled via Dotpay.pl. After finalizing your payment you will receive an email with Dotpay transaction id, which is equal to our booking reference number.
Please come to JAILED 15 minutes before the game and show your booking reference. The payment security is guaranteed by Dotpay.
Please keep in mind that you have the right to full money refund, if you cancel your reservation 2 days before the game through uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl
Cash payments are possible after booking via email or phone.

They got jailed

What is JAILED - UWIEZIENI and Real Escape Game ?

Real Escape Games are a new type of entertainment gaining popularity around the world and also in Poland. In this game you get locked in a room full of “things” . Among them you find riddles which step by step will lead you to exit key. But be careful, you have only 60 minutes to escape. JAILED is one of the first Escape Games in Warsaw with confirmed quality and hundreds of satisfied visitors.

How to find us ?

You will find our games in a lively neighborhood of “POLITECHNIKA” metro station. Under address : Nowowiejska street 1/3 apartment 8.
After pressing 8 on entrance phone you will pass large iron gate. You need to follow the building on the right hand side. Turn right at the corner and follow till the end of building. Once again press 8 on the entrance phone. We’re on the 4th floor.

Can everybody take part in game in JAILED – UWIEZIENI?

Everybody who is over 16 years old can come to us on his own and enjoy the game. Under this age limit we advise to visit us together with somebody adult. But please phone or email us, we can negotiate 😉

How long takes the game ?

Each of our games take 60 minutes.

How many persons can participate in a game ?

CIA SPECIAL MISSION 3-6 persons , DRAGONS RETURN 3-6 persons, DA VINCI CODE 1-3 persons

How much does it cost ?

We price our service per room, regardless of the amount of people playing. DRAGONS RETURN - 159 PLN, CIA SPECIAL MISSION - 129 PLN, DA VINCI CODE - 89 PLN

Is JAILED a good place for team integration ?

Of course, it is a perfect way of building the team integration. Both in our escape and chill room. Call and ask for our special offers for business customers. Or e-mail on uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl

Which payment methods are accepted ?

All payments available on DotPay.pl, cash payment and card at place, regular bank transfer after email booking.

Is it possible to cancel the booking ?

Of course. You have a right to full money refund 2 days before the booked date. Please email us on uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl

Are the games available in English ?

Yes, our team will help you using English language. Also the text riddles in the room will be replaced with English version.

What if we will not be able to solve something ?

JAILED crew will be watching you all the time. If we will notice that you need a help it will be provided

Can I purchase a voucher or a gift card ?

Yes, you can buy a voucher in a “BOOKING” section. You will find there a “VOUCHERS” tab. Just pick an option and follow the DotPay payment guidance. You will receive a card with special voucher number. The owner of the card will have to email us on uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl and make a reservation providing the number.

What are the VAT invoice details ?

"IT Solutions" Pietrasik Michał Uwięzieni - Real Escape Game ul. Laskowa 2a/13 05-600 Grójec NIP 797-181-85-57
If you have any questions pleas use our contact form

How to find us ?

We are located 50m from “POLITECHNIKA” metro station, next to Plac Zbawieciela
Our address is: Nowowiejska street 1/3 apartment 8.
After pressing 8 on entrance phone you will pass large iron gate. You need to follow the building on the right hand side. Turn right at the corner and follow till the end of building. Once again press 8 on the entrance phone. We’re on the 4th floor. Small tip for you :

Contact Companies / Events

Mobile: 512 540 277  E-mail: uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl

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Mobile: 512 540 277 E-mail: uwiezieni@uwiezieni.pl


Warszawa, Plac Zbawiciela ul. Nowowiejskiej 1/3 lok. 8

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